10 Days of Giving – Day 9

Scott Parks is a 6-year-old boy from Pine River, MN. He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease at birth and also has Gilbert’s Syndrome. Scott has an Ostomy Pouch and as a result continues to travel to Fargo for a multitude of appointments. He receives treatment at Sanford Medical Center and is a frequent and loved visitor of the Ronald McDonald House (RMH).

Scott loves Paw Patrol, superheroes, and transformers. He is described by the RMH team as pure SUNSHINE! One of his favorite things to do when he stays at the house is to pick a toy from the Magic Room. This amazing room magically opens to children if they have the special password and they can choose an item during their stay. Scott’s Mom and friend, Laura and Karl, continue to maintain their home schedule while also traveling with Scott to ensure he has the best care and outcome.

Scott’s Day of Giving includes a variety of gifts and surprises tailored to his interests. We also hope to lessen the continued financial burden by providing the family with a VISA gift card. His team of amazing volunteers worked hard to ensure Scott will be smiling from ear to ear. Scott’s next appointment is on December 21st. During his stay at the RMH, he will be SURPRISED with his gifts when the Magic Room door opens. We are so excited to see his reaction when he realizes all the presents are for him and his family! Please check back as we will be sharing photos and videos of Scott later in the month. For now, please enjoy the precious pictures Scott’s Mom shared with us.

A special Thank You to the wonderful team of volunteers that helped to make Scott’s Day of Giving personalized and meaningful: Lisa Budeau, Heather Leith and Danielle Wilkie.

This was a special experience for Danielle, as her nephew, Mighty Myles, was a 10 Days of Giving recipient last year. He shared Scott’s love of superheroes and Danielle generously donated the Christmas tree and superhero ornaments in his memory.

Please join us in praying for Scott and his family as they continue to navigate this journey. Stay Strong Scott, Landon’s Light is shining on you!