10 Days of Giving – Day 2

Meet Josiah!

Josiah is a brave and resilient 17-year-old from Sisseton, SD who was diagnosed with Leukemia in November 2022. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, ND. Through the extended treatments and travel, Josiah has remained steady and fixed on the end goal of reaching the other side of this journey as a cancer survivor.

Josiah’s Day of Giving included some very special gifts and experiences to fulfill the entire family’s love for music! Josiah currently plays the baritone while his brother plays the guitar. His mother, Jennifer, loves nothing more than hearing their music played throughout the home as it has truly been therapeutic during this dark and difficult time.

Thanks to our partnership with Eckroth Music, we were able to provide Josiah with his very own violin as this is the next instrument he is determined to master. We have no doubt he will! The family is also headed to the Fargo Symphony concert along with a stay at the new Brewhalla Hotel with a full itinerary for the whole family to enjoy! Thank you to Erin Moxness for making personalized keychains for Josiah and his brother and sister of all their favorite things!

We are appreciative for our gracious volunteers, Emily Haen, Avery Moxness and Brooke Rund, for their attention to detail to create the perfect blessing for Josiah and his family this holiday season.

Please join us in praying for Josiah and his family as they continue to navigate his cancer journey. Landon’s Light is shining on you!