The tournament has a three-game guarantee.

Team shirts are requested, if possible. (same color)

Each team is allowed up to 5 players

Start of Game
The “Courtakers” will call for teams at the scheduled times. Possession will be determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors or coin flip

Games will be played to 21 points or 20 minutes running time.
1 point for a regular basket
2 points for shots beyond the arc.

There will be a 20-minute time limit on each game. If the outcome is not determined after 20 minutes of play, the team with the lead will be declared the winner. If a game is tied after 20 minutes of play the game will go into overtime, rules below.

Overtime is sudden death and first possession determined by rock/paper/scissors. Overtime will be a maximum of 2 minutes. If the game is still tied after 2 minutes, the winner will be determined by either a coin flip or rock/paper/scissors.

No timeouts.

Non-shooting fouls 1-5 offense will keep possession/check ball. Non-shooting fouls 6 and up and all shooting fouls will be one free throw (on a 2-point shot.) If the free-throw is made, the ball changes possession. If the free throw is missed, the ball is live.

3-point shot: If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting a 3-pointer, the player will get 2 free-throws. If the 2nd free-throw is made, the ball changes possession. If the 2nd free throw is missed, the ball is live.

An offensive foul results in loss of possession. An offensive foul with a made basket results in the loss of the made basket.

Intentional fouls and technical fouls will result in 2 points and the ball.

Change of possession
The ball must be brought outside the 3-point line on all change of possessions and must be checked in at the top of the key on all dead balls.

Jump Balls
Defense gets all jump balls

Substitutions can be made after made baskets and on dead balls.

Check Zone
The ball must be checked from the check zone after all made baskets and on all dead balls. The “check zone” is the area above the top of the key (lane lines extended). The offense can dribble, pass or shoot once the ball has been checked.

Certified officials will referee each game

Court Takers
Court takers will manage courts and be responsible for games starting on time and will deliver scorecards to bracket officials.

No Swearing, taunting or other inappropriate behavior. Unsportsmanlike play can result in A) technical foul and /or B) ejection from the game and/or the tournament.

Championship teams in each division will receive T-shirts.

Tie breaker
***Tie breaker for pool play***
1. Head-to-Head Competition
2. Point Differential (amongst tied teams only)
3. Points allowed
4. Coin Flip