Andrea Solberg

“Landon’s positivity and optimism about life was not shaken by his terminal cancer diagnosis. As his mother, I will never forget a specific conversation we had at the beginning of his cancer journey. Landon said, “Mom, God may just want to be with me when I’m eleven, and that’s okay.” Not once did Landon become frustrated or angry at his inability to complete activities that used to come easily. He guided me through the entire journey with a sense of strength and maturity well beyond his years. Because of his perseverance, I have a renewed outlook on how to properly handle adversity in my life.”

Andrea Solberg is the proud mother of the beloved Landon. Andrea’s knowledge of pediatric cancer grew significantly during Landon’s twenty-month battle with a brain tumor. During her son’s courageous fight, she connected with many families and organizations affected by pediatric cancer. The significant amount of love and support received through these connections inspired her to help others in similar situations. Andrea is determined to make Landon proud as she focuses her efforts on making a positive impact within the community through the Landon’s Light Foundation.

Andrea is a Certified Nurse Practitioner, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, at Essentia Health in Fargo, North Dakota. Through her work, she witnesses the miracle of life and how fragile it can be each day. Travis and Andrea were married in 2004 and have called the Fargo-Moorhead community home since attending North Dakota State University in 1999. They have been blessed with three beautiful children, Landon (forever 12), Emry (14) and Griffin (7).