Braxton is a sweet and energetic 5-year-old boy from Fargo. Braxton’s Mom, Shannon, found out at 24 weeks that he would be born with a ventricular heart defect. His arrival came almost 2 months early and he was flown to Mayo where he underwent multiple surgeries. Braxton was discharged from the hospital at 2 ½ months old and subsequently received an additional diagnosis, Charge Syndrome. Braxton’s ability to spread joy is truly inspiring. Braxton enjoys swimming and loves ALL things Spidey!

Shannon and Hunter navigate the challenges and adversity they face daily with a tremendous amount of strength, faith, and optimism. Braxton’s grandparents also serve as a wonderful source of love and support.

Braxton’s Miracle Moment included a weekend getaway to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. We were thrilled to provide the opportunity for Braxton and his family to celebrate his love for swimming while creating lasting memories together. Braxton’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw the Spidey gifts we included for him, and his squeals of delight melted our hearts. He even managed to find a new Spidey shirt in the Great Wolf Lodge gift shop!

A special thank you to Chelsey Strand for connecting us with Braxton’s family as well as volunteering to assist in preparing his gifts. We are grateful for your continued desire to keep Landon’s Light shining bright. Additionally, we would like to thank the Great Wolf Lodge for their continued partnership and generosity.

Please join us with continued prayers for Braxton and his family. Stay strong and brave Braxton, Landon’s Light continues to shine on you!