Addison is an incredible 10-year-old girl from Grand Forks, ND who was unfortunately diagnosed with a Grade 4 Medulloblastoma brain tumor last year on Christmas Eve. Her treatment plan has been extensive and included surgery on December 26th, 2022, at Sanford Children’s Hospital and an extended stay at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where she received proton beam therapy and chemo. Addison has conquered all of this with the strength and determination of a true champion. She is filled with positivity, and we love her motto for how she handles challenging situations, “You just have to do it.” Addison can light up the entire room with her smile and she is adored by all that know her.

Addison and her younger brother, Lincoln, share a special bond and make a fantastic dynamic duo. Addison’s parents, Grant and Lindsay, continue to navigate the challenges of her diagnosis and consistent travel to Fargo for continued treatment with tremendous faith, perseverance and strength.

Addison is quite a fashionista and loves shopping. Her Miracle Moment included a shopping spree at the Mall of America and a weekend getaway for the entire family at the Great Wolf Lodge. Lincoln is an avid sports fan, so we made sure to include a few fun sports related gifts for him as well. We were so grateful for the opportunity to provide Addison and her family with uninterrupted family time to create lasting memories together.

Please join us in praying for Addison and her family as they continue to navigate her cancer journey. We pray that this year they will be celebrating Christmas together surrounded by their loved ones. Keep fighting Addison, Landon’s Light continues to shine on you!