Norma is a brave and spunky 7-year-old girl from Culbertson, MT who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia B Cell in June 2023. Norma is receiving treatment at the Roger Maris Cancer Center which has required her and her mom, Kristin, to spend the majority of the past 5 months away from home and their family. We are grateful for their ability to stay in the comfort of The Ronald McDonald House.

Norma is loved and adored by all including her siblings, Bella, Nash, Luella, Florence and Edith. Norma’s parents, Chris and Kristin, have navigated the challenges of extensive travel, Norma’s treatment plan, and being separated as a family with an incredible amount of strength, faith, and grace.

Norma was missing her family and wanted nothing more than to celebrate all of their missed summer birthday celebrations, including hers, together. Norma’s Miracle Moment included a fun-filled weekend stay at the Holiday Inn for the entire family. We were able to provide poolside rooms to allow their family endless hours of swimming and fun. Norma loves mermaids so we threw her a Mermaid party and included special gifts for Norma and all of her siblings as well as a travel package for her Dad and Mom. Our hearts were overflowing with joy watching Norma and her family’s excitement about being together and creating lasting memories.

We are sincerely grateful for the Holiday Inn’s generosity and partnership to make Norma’s Miracle Moment extra special. Thank you for helping us provide JOY in Norma’s journey.

Please join us in praying for Norma and her family as they continue to navigate her challenging cancer journey and Chris keeps everything running smoothly at home. Keep fighting Norma, Landon’s Light continues to shine on you!