Raymond is a sweet and joy filled 3-year-old boy from Fargo, ND who was born with a congenital heart defect. He was born in May 2020 and faced many challenges in his first few weeks and months and underwent successful heart surgery in October 2020. Ray unfortunately endured post-surgery cardiac events causing subclinical seizures, brain swelling and long-term brain injury. Since Ray was born, doctors have been saying “he’s writing his own story,” as he has done nothing “by the book.” Ray has the most beautiful way of communicating with his sparkling eyes and smile that not only melts your heart but also lights up the entire room!

Ray’s parents, Tim and Kelli, navigate the challenges of this emotional journey with tremendous faith and positivity. They pour their love and attention into Ray, and he continues to shine his light as their daily RAY of sunshine!

Ray will be taking on the title of big brother in 2024 and it was only fitting that Ray’s Miracle Moment was creating a big boy bedroom for him. We were able to include new furniture and organizational tools to give him a big boy room he can grow into. Ray loves music so we were excited to provide him with fun musical instruments and a Tonie Box that can play his favorite songs and stories. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe space for Ray to rest and have sweet dreams.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for the continued generosity and partnership with Slumberland Furniture. Thank you to our volunteers Bill and Jessie McClaflin and Jeff Valvo who helped us create the perfect new room for Ray. Thank you for helping us provide Joy in Ray’s journey!

Please join us in praying for Ray and his family as they continue to navigate this journey together and transition into a family of four. Keep writing your own story Ray, we can’t wait to witness what the next chapters hold for you and your sweet family! Landon’s Light will continue to shine on you!