Ruby is a kind, caring, and independent 10-year-old girl from Harwood, ND who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 11 months old. We were able to provide Ruby’s Miracle Moment shortly before she went to Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul to undergo major orthopedic surgery in November. We are happy to report her surgery was a success and she is at home healing. She will have her full lower body cast removed a few days before Christmas and then be required to spend three weeks in the hospital for inpatient therapy. Ruby is inspiring in the way that she continues to face and overcome each challenge and obstacle with the perfect amount of strength and spunk!

Ruby’s parents, Ryan and Kelsey, have navigated the unknowns of this journey with a tremendous amount of faith, grace and positivity. They are an incredible source of love and strength for Ruby and continue to ensure she receives the best possible care.

Ruby’s Miracle Moment included a shopping spree to the Mall of America and tickets to Sea Life. Ruby loves to shop and was already planning the number of shoes she was going to purchase! We were excited to provide Ruby with a Nintendo Switch to help pass the countless hours she will be spending in the hospital and at home recovering. We also hoped to lessen the financial burden for Ryan and Kelsey with travel related gift cards.

Please join us in praying for Ruby and her family as they continue to navigate her recovery and this life-long journey. Keep smiling Ruby, Landon’s Light continues to shine on you!