10 Days of Giving – Day 7

Teddy Danielson is a 3-year-old boy from West Fargo, ND. He was recently diagnosed with a Grade 4 Primitive Neuroectodermal Brain Tumor on November 16th. Teddy has been incredibly brave throughout multiple brain surgeries and hospital stays in an extremely short timeframe. He is receiving treatment at Sanford Medical Center and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Teddy has a variety of interests including cars and monster trucks. He is a special, kind, sweet boy and pure JOY to be around.

Teddy’s parents, Ross and Jessica, are in the early stages of navigating this cancer diagnosis and journey. They are committed to his treatment plan and dedicated to ensuring he receives the best possible care and outcome. They are currently by Teddy’s side at Mayo Clinic, as he recovers from his 4th brain surgery.

Teddy’s Day of Giving includes a variety of gifts, safe experiences, and surprises. This incredible team of volunteers has worked extremely hard to provide both gifts and experiences that are sure to bring a smile to Teddy’s face. We were fortunate to be able to zoom with Teddy, Ross and Jessica from his hospital room. The team surprised Teddy with a gift bag full of fun toys and treats from the local gift shop during our call. They are looking forward to providing Teddy with the remainder of his surprises when he returns home. The team has some really fun things in store for Teddy, but they are keeping it Top Secret even from Santa! However, the team has arranged for Teddy to do a zoom meeting with Santa as he is currently busy at the North Pole and would like to avoid spreading germs during Teddy’s Recovery! Please check back as we will be sharing more about Teddy’s Day of Giving.

A special Thank You to the team of volunteers that worked their magic to make Teddy’s Day of Giving personalized, fun and wonderful: Melissa Hanson, Lyndsie Gryskiewicz and Emily Haen. You will see in the pictures from the Zoom call, Teddy had us smiling so big our cheeks hurt!

Please join us in praying for Teddy and his family as they continue to navigate the cancer journey and fight this courageous battle. Our Prayers also include continued recovery, safe travels and celebrating Christmas in the comfort of their home. Stay Strong Teddy, we have no doubt Landon is watching over you and shining his Light!